Sollus Osteopathy online appointments
Sorting out your pain problems when we aren’t in the same room… The Coronavirus Lockdown means that I have not
A FREE Osteopathic assessment? Yes please! A Northampton Osteopath offering something for free? When you see the word ‘Free’ what
What is the difference between an Osteopath, Chiropracter and Physiotherapist? When people find out that I am Osteopath the next
Muscle cramps can be a real pain………. Muscle cramps what are they? A common problem among my clients is muscle
Gardening is a dangerous sport? A recent newspaper article claimed that gardening can be a dangerous activity and while I
So what exactly is Osteopathy? I was inspired to write this blog after trying to explain what Osteopathy is at
Something about me When I am treating ‘a client’ i.e. you, it is your time and all about resolving your
Are you sitting comfortably? The osteopaths at Sollus Healthcare see a lot of clients that have work-related aches and pains,

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