Suffering from aches and pains?

Sollus Healthcare’s Osteopaths Can Help!

If pain is stopping you doing the things you enjoy call us to find out how we can help you.



WARNING: Osteopaths are NOT all the same!

So Why Choose Us?

  We offer a FREE 15 minute assessment allowing you to ‘try before you buy’

  You get a 45 minute appointment giving us more time to help you

  We guarantee that by the end of your assessment/ appointment you will understand why you are in pain and how we can help you

  Zero cost if you are covered by medical insurance

(We always advise that you call your insurer first to confirm they cover osteopathic treatment!)


Osteopathy is recognised by the NHS as an excellent treatment for ‘bad’ backs and we can also treat:


  hip and knee related osteoarthritic pain

   muscle cramp


   neck pain and headaches

  sports injuries

   frozen shoulder / tennis elbow

  circulatory problems 

   muscle spasms